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Fitness: The ability for one to thrive in an environment. As a Trainer and NPC competitor, I often reflect on this definition when working with my clients. Over the past 10 years of my personal training career, I have helped clients reach their fitness goals while adopting and integrating healthy habits into their lifestyle. Fitness is not just a destination, but a journey. Watching my clients grow physically, mentally and emotionally is the greatest satisfaction I receive from being a trainer. From high school team training to geriatrics rehabilitation training, I have had the opportunity to work with people from all age and athletic ranges. Whether your goal is to get in shape for a special occasion, to build the physique you have always desired, to become a competitive athlete, build muscle, maintain your current level of health or if you are starting from the beginning of your journey, I can create a program for you. Some of the programs I offer include aerobic boxing, weight training, plyo-based drills and interval training.

Through my personal fitness journey, I have not just gained increased athleticism, but have become a more decisive, motivated and confident person and business owner. I truly believe fitness has a positive influence on all aspects of life. So, let’s THRIVE together! I invite you to start your fitness journey with me today!

*A nonmember outside of the district can receive $20 off an annual TFC membership within 2 weeks of their first session!*

Individual Rates Starting At:

$ 30

Personal Training Rates – 45 Minutes

PackagesTFC Annual MemberTFC Monthly MemberDistrict ResidentOther
1 Session$30$36$39$47
4 Sessions$100$120$130$155
8 Sessions$202$243$263$314
12 Sessions$285$342$371$442

Group Training Rates – 60 Minutes (2 People)

PackagesTFC Annual MemberTFC Monthly MemberDistrict ResidentOther
1 Session$50$60$65$78
4 Sessions$125$150$163$194
8 Sessions$225$270$293$349
12 Sessions$310$372$403$481