Jon Sharp

My name is Jon Sharp, I am a graduate of Kent State University where my focus was Health and Family studies. I am certified through Aerobics Fitness Association of America and some of my specialties include circuit training, strength training, and personal training. I’ve been involved with playing sports or in the gym since a young age. I enjoy helping show others the many benefits of staying active and exercising.

As a trainer, my main focus is to help people reach their health and fitness goals through weight loss and lean muscular gain. I help them accomplish their goals with my specialized strength and cardio training programs, as well as fitness testing, counseling and nutritional tips. I also teach several exercise classes every week and look forward to meeting you at the gym!

Individual rates are listed below, but if you’re interested in training with a friend, please contact me!

*A nonmember outside of the district can receive $20 off an annual TFC membership within 2 weeks of their first session!*

Individual Rates Starting At:

$ 30

Personal Training Rates

PackagesTFC Annual MembersTFC Monthly MembersDistrict ResidentsOther
30 Minutes – 1 Session$35$42$46$55
30 Minutes – 8 Sessions$213$256$276$331
30 Minutes – 16 Sessions$357$429$464$554
30 Minutes – 32 Sessions$581$698$756$901
60 Minutes – 1 Session$50$60$65$78
60 Minutes – 8 Sessions$285$342$371$442
60 Minutes – 16 Sessions$485$582$631$752
60 Minutes – 32 Sessions$805$966$1,047$1,248