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Track & Field Training
Strength and Conditioning with Coach Oliver Hairston

Do you want to see improvements in your Track and Field event: running faster, jumping higher/ longer, throwing further? It requires an approach that focuses on the total body: muscular, cardiovascular, and nervous systems. There must also be a confidence always being developed that translates into “You can compete, that you can win!” Oliver Hairston with Fit N 2 will provide a program specific for your event in Track and Field. Through an individual/group training approach, he will work with you in creating a tailored training program that will provide athletes that extra edge allowing them to keep up with the sports’ demands. There will be workouts that encourage athletes to strengthen their speed, agility, coordination, and core to leg muscle strength. You will experience event simulations which train athletes to exercise their maximum efforts throughout each part of their event.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and Health, Bowling Green and Masters in Special Education, Kent State University

Certifications: AFAA Personal Trainer, American Red Cross, First Aid, CPR, Certified Official for AAU All Sport Combine: Power Clean, Sprints Bench Press Medicine Ball Throw, Standing Long Jump

Experience: Oliver competed in Track and field/Cross Country on a collegiate level. Competed in Body-Building Competitions. He also coached Track and Field for over 12 years with various High schools and summer league teams. Oliver is known for being the coach for AAU All Sports Combine Team that has placed in top 3 at AAU Nationals for 5 years in a row. He has been the strength and conditioning coach for top high school athletes for over 12 years. Oliver’s goal is to help “TO MAKE YOU MORE EXPLOSIVE, POWERFUL, BETTER CONDITIONED, FLAT OUT FASTER, HAVE BETTER COORDINATION, BETTER AGILITY AND QUICKER REACTION SPEED THAN THE COMPETITION!” Oliver is passionate about providing you with “THE SPECIALIZED TRAINING INGREDIENTS YOU NEED TO TAKE YOU TO THE NEXT LEVEL!”

See Coach Oliver for a monthly schedule. Training passes are nonrefundable. 

Training Pass Starting At:

$ 140

Monthly Training Pass Rates

Training PassTFC MemberDistrict ResidentNon-Resident
1 Month$140$175$210