NEW: Yoga with Divya

NEW: Yoga with Divya

Discover a deep sense of calm and positivity through two new yoga classes coming to Twinsburg Fitness Center this December! Both classes will be instructed by Divya Gopikumar.

– December 3rd: Strength Yoga, 3:00 PM | Happy Yoga, 7:45 PM
– December 4th: Strength Yoga, 3:00 PM | Happy Yoga, 7:45 PM
– December 10th: Happy Yoga, 3:00 PM | Strength Yoga, 7:45 PM
– December 11th: Happy Yoga, 3:00 PM | Strength Yoga, 7:45 PM

STRENGTH YOGA: This is a beginner – intermediate level class that will focus on using yoga to build muscle strength. The asanas will target the stretching and strengthening of specific muscle groups with focus on sun salutation and downward dog positions with variations. The pace of the class will be brisk and will give you an opportunity to push yourself and discover a stronger and more flexible body and mind! Beginners welcome too!

HAPPY YOGA: Beginner friendly class with focus on physical and emotional well-being. The participants will be encouraged to have positive communication with each other thereby building a sense of community within the class. The emphasis will be on posture correction, retention, and gradual deepening of stretches. A final meditation will help the participants feel relaxed and refreshed. Check this class out if you want to relax and rejuvenate and perhaps even make some new friends!

FROM THE INSTRUCTOR: “Hi I’m Divya Gopikumar. Yoga has been a part of my life since I was a child, but I discovered the true joy of yoga when I went through my 200 hours of certification as a teacher. I love meeting and interacting with new people, and am passionate about mindfulness in my life. Becoming a yoga teacher blends these two passions together in the best way possible!”